Farrier’s Wife®
Hoof Dressing &
Conditioner ™

Size: 30 oz. (885ml) tub

Farrier’s Wife®
Hoof Dressing & Conditioner

  • Everyday show look plus conditioning
  • All Natural ingredients
  • No petroleum or artificial colors
  • Promotes healthy, pliable hooves
  • Helps prevent cracked & chipped hooves
  • Absorbs into the hoof to insure moisture retention
  • Results visible within one application
  • Can be used daily to retain natural hoof moisture

Farrier’s Wife® Hoof Dressing and Conditioner™ is an all natural combination hoof dressing & conditioner that not only provides for a pliable, conditioned hoof, but it also provides a great show ring finished look all in one easy application.It is the only combination product on the market that is useful as both a show prep hoof dressing and daily conditioning treatment.

The Farrier’s Wife® –  developed this product at the request of her husband. After shoeing one day, he commented about how hard and dry the hooves had become.  After much research and development, Farrier’s Wife® launched its first product – an all-natural formula that will actually absorb into the hoof wall, giving positive results immediately.  With daily use, Farrier’s Wife® Hoof Dressing and Conditioner™promotes growth of the outer aspect of the hoof, giving new hoof growth extra time to form without being exposed to harsh elements.

Unlike many of the common hoof dressings available today, Farrier’s Wife® uses no mineral oils or carcinogenic ingredients, and is committed to the health and comfort of the horse.